YIGA-P® Idler Roller

At the end of 2001 an Idler was designed by Nylocomp that would withstand the corrosive and harsh conditions of the Southern African mines.

The tube of the Yiga-P® Idler is currently produced in Germany. The molecular weight of the tube was previously 4.2million, now it is 9.2million. The overall quality of the tube is far superior to any available in South Africa at the moment. Stock is kept at our factory in Bronkhorstspruit.

The success of the Yiga-P® material lies in the combination of properties, high shock absorption, résistance to abrasive wear and the lowest coefficient of friction abilities. This material will outlast ordinary PE, at least 5 times under all conditions and steel up to 10 times. The characteristics of this material is the reason it was chosen for the Yiga-P® Idler.

The Yiga-P® Idler was designed with the following features:

  1. The wall thickness of the tube is 12mm
  2. 30mm Shaft is used instead of a 25mm. 18/22CF is available.
  3. Shafts are Tin Plated, no poisonous fluids are discarded after the process. This process is environmentally friendly.
  4. 1 Bearing and 1 Labyrinth seal is used on each side. (6306 2RS for the 128 OD Idler) (6308 2RS for the 160OD Idler). Seal arrangement can be specified.
  5. No material buildup on the outside of the shell.
  6. End Caps are Glass Reinforced Nylon for strength and impact absorption. We extended the length of the end cap with 5mm. This means we now have 10mm extra length on the end caps.
  7. Reinforcement of the bearing housing on the inside of the end cap was doubled. This will specifically increase the ability to withstand impact and provide additional protection for the bearing
  8. Stationary Flinger, seals against the end cap, and protect the seal arrangement.
Advantages of the Yiga-P™ Idler :
  1. Chemical résistance
  2. Wear and Corrosion résistance
  3. No water retention
  4. Impact résistance
  5. Decreased risk of hand and finger injuries
  6. Less labour needed for installation
  7. Less time needed for replacement
  8. Less time needed for maintenance
  9. Noise reduction
  10. Vibration on the frames and structure is minimized
  11. This idler is self cleaning and long lasting
  12. Wide range of sizes available.

The Yiga-P™ Idler, is the most cost effective idler on the market today.

Details on YIGA-P®

YIGA-P® is an adapted polymer engineering plastic with unique properties. The uses of this engineering plastic are extensive, finding applications in almost every industry. It is particularly viable where there are sticking problems in bulk materials handling or sliding action in equipment.

It has the same basic chemical structure as other members of the polyethylene (CH2 links) family, but the molecular structure is very different. The molecular weight of polyethylene is an indication of the number of carbon hydro “links” of the chain that make up the molecules.

Typical range of molecular weights

The molecular weight of one “link” is approximately 14 and consists of one carbon atom (C) and two hydrogen atoms (H). High density polyethylene will thus typically have a molecule consisting of between 7 000 and 21 000 “links”. YIGA-P®, will, however have a molecule of between 320 000 and 520 000”links”.

These extremely long chains contribute to some of the unique characteristics of YIGA-P® which give it the following excellent properties:

- High abrasive resistance
- Low coefficient of friction (excellent sliding and gliding properties)
- Non-stick surface
- High impact strength
- Water repellent

An analogy that demonstrates the molecular length difference of YIGA-P®, and polyethylene is to compare a string of spaghetti (YIGA-P®,) to a grain of rice (polyethylene). If you scrape a spoon over a bowl of rice and a bowl of spaghetti, you will remove many grains of rice but no spaghetti in the process. This demonstrates the different lengths in the molecular structure, rendering YIGA-P®, extremely abrasive resistant compared to polyethylene.

In addition to the unique properties above, YIGA-P® has the following benefits:

- Chemically and corrosion resistant - Sound absorbing
- Lightweight - Easily machinable

YIGA-P® does not flow at melt point. In technical terms, it has a zero MFI (Melt Flow Index). This means that YIGA-P®, cannot be processed like other polymers which are extruded, injection molded, spin or blow molded.

The only methods of processing YIGA-P® is by compression molding, ram extrusion and forging of certain items.

Sand Slurry Test between Yiga - P® and Steel


The Idler consists of the following components and material:
  • Roller - 12mm HDPE tube
  • Idler with gauge length of 546mm and longer will be reinforced with a 3 mm steel tube.
  • End cap / Bearing housing - Polypropylene
  • Flinger - HDPE with integrated labyrinth seal.
  • Bearings - 6205 2RS C3 (One on each side)
  • Shaft - 25 mm steel - Tin plated.
  • SABS 0123 - The control of undesirable static electricity.

Range available:
The idler are available in 127 mm and 152 mm diameter, Series 25


The Idler consists of the following components and material:
  • Roller - 4 mm Steel tube.
  • End cap / Bearing housing - 30 % Glass filled Nylon
  • Flinger - 30 % Glass filled Nylon with integrated labyrinth seal.
  • Bearings - 6205 2RS C3 (One on each side)
  • Shaft - 25 mm steel - Tin plated.

Range available: The idler are available in 127 mm and 152 mm diameter, Series 25

The following standards are applicable for both the Steel and HDPE Idler:

SABS 1313 - Specifies the characteristics of conveyor belt idlers that have metallic or non-metallic rolls for belt widths of up to 2400mm and for belt speeds of up to 5.0 m/s.

BS 2050 - Specification for electrical resistance of conducting and antistatic products made from polymeric materials.

DIN 53505 - Testing of rubber, elastomers and plastics; Shore hardness testing.

SABS 653-3 - Steel tubes for non-pressure purpose: Steel tubes for rolls for conveyor belt idlers.

The Steel and HDPE Idler was added to our product range to enable Nylocomp to provide a service to our clients over the broader spectrum of Conveyors Idlers.

Please contact our office for a quote.Note the wear loss on the steel compared to the YIGA-P®

YIGA-P® Idler Sizes, SABS 1313

Belt Width Troughing and Impact 2-Roll 2-Roll 1-Roll Picking 1-Roll
3-Roll 5-Roll Troughing V-Return Flat Return Centre Roll Extended
Flat Return Flat Carrying Return
400 180 250 494
450 200 300 546
500 210 350 596
600 250 400 310 698 802
750 300 410 850 546 954
900 350 485 1004 698 1107
1050 400 250 570 1156 850 1258
1200 460 280 645 1308 1004 1410
1350 510 310 730 1460 1156 1564
1500 570 350 810 1612 1308 1710
1650 620 380 895 1764 1460 1860
1800 670 410 975 1918 1612 2010
2000 750 460 1085 2120 1764
2100 775 485 1156 2222 1918
2200 810 500 1195 2320 2120
2400 880 540 1308 2528 2222
  1. Gauge length of wing rolls on picking idlers shall be 180mm / Gauge length subject to a tolerance of 1mm
  2. Roll face length (all idlers except extended return idlers) is 10mm less than the gauge length
  3. Roll face length (extended return idlers) is 32mm less than the gauge length
  4. Roll face length subject to a tolerance of 1mm