Kendal Power Station (Eskom)

Nylocomp have designed and supplied a YIGA-P® Idler for the Tube Conveyor System that has been operational in the Kendal Power station since 1999. This idler, has to date outperformed all competing idlers operating in the field. This idler is also used on many mines as a support and Guide for the belt.

Teardrop Conveyor Idler

Richardsbay Minerals

We are currently supplying RBM with the YIGA-P® Idler and Screen Idlers.

Rustenburg Anglo Platinum UG2

Lonmin Platinum


Gravity Idlers are supplied


Steel Idlers are supplied


Uses the Yiga-P® Idler as well as our Parrot Green® and Tarentaal® Sheets

Twee Riviere Platinum

We supply the Yiga-P® Idler for difficult circumstances

The Petro Chemical Industry

Uses our HDPE and Yiga-P® Idler

Orapa Mine (DeBeers)

As an approved Supplier for DeBeers, Nylocomp supplies the Orapa Diamond mine in Botswana with idlers for tube conveyors as well as YIGA-P® conveyor Idlers.

Syferfontein Mine

Nylocomp have designed and supplied a Rope Support YIGA-P® sheave Wheel of 970mm OD to support the 100mm diameter steel cable on the Marion DRAGLINES. The developed sheave wheel outperforms steel and aluminium Rope Support Sheave Wheels.

Marion Draglines

Nylocomp supplies wear block to contain cable movement during DRAGLINE boom operation using the Company’s TARENTAAL® material. Wear Blocks complete with nuts and Bolts

Anglo Coal Isibonela

Bushes for the Marion Draglines

Petro Chemical Applications in South Africa

Drum Rollers Smaller Drum Roller

Exporting To Australia